QB3 High Flow Valve Series

Brand: Proportion-Air, Inc

The QB3 pressure control valve is a complete electronic pressure regulating package consisting of two feed and bleed solenoid valves, a control circuit, a pressure transducer, an integrated air pilot operated volume booster and a rugged housing.

The pressure transducer is connected directly to the control pressure so the closed-loop electronics and analog monitor signal show you what is really happening in your process.

The analog monitor signal is constantly compared against the command signal to achieve your desired set pressure.

The QB3 pressure control valve offers high flow and great repeatability. This compact package can be mounted in any orientation (exception: only vertical with full scale pressures below 10 PSI) and is immune to the rigors of the industrial environment.

Like most of our products, the QB3 can be modified in numerous ways to meet the most demanding applications.


Pressure Range

  • Vacuum thru 150 psi (10.3 bar)

Accuracy (Pressure)

  • ± 0.25 %-0.5 % of Full Scale

Accuracy (Monitor)

  • ± 0.3 % of Full Scale

Maximum Flow

  • 30 scfm (850 LPM)

Port Size

  • 1/4” NPT (BSPP Available)


  • Immune to Shock & Vibration (up to 20 Gs)

Operating Temperature

  • 32° to 158° F (0° to 70° C)


  • 40 micron


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